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Scrap Wire

Scrap wire is created when you dispose of items that you no longer want or items that can no longer be serviced. It is also generated in the manufacturing industry; when during the fabrication process of metal parts, there is excess metal left. Because it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled. So if you have used wire just lying around, you can simply sell it to Sell Used Wire Bristol companies that are in the business of purchasing scrap for recycling purposes

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Scrap Lead

If you are involved in the construction industry, demolition or refurbishment of old domestic and commercial properties the chances are you regularly come into contact with lead products; usually replacing them. No matter how small, don’t throw that piece of lead in the skip. You can sell used lead, or sell lead containing items, for good money.

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Scrap Copper

At Manor Scrap, if you are selling copper, we can accept it in all its forms, from factories, commercial settings, domestic households and the industry. The prices we offer for copper Bristol rival any other company offering these services, and you will be dealing with depots that comply with all the relevant environmental legislation and licenses. We also offer a commercial skip service, collect items and clear properties.

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Additional scrap metals we accept:

Stainless steel and iron







Car and other vehicle batteries

Production waste including cuttings and filings

Factory clearances


Waste Consumer goods (non hazardous WEEE)

We have fully licensed recycling facilities that meet all environmental legislation.

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Our services also include factory collections as well as a skip service for commercial use and site clearances.