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Should you live in a non-refurbished pre-1970’s house, the chances are water pipes, roof flashings and box gutters are of lead. Although lead has fallen out of favour due to its toxicity in water, it continues to be used in many other aspects of the commercial and building industries.

While the recycling of household waste products is still in its infancy, metals have been recycled for over 150 years. In spite of the fact that lead is not used as extensively in industry as it used to be, scrap lead is still a much sought after metal by scrap metal companies.The Manor Scrap Company lead Bristol in its recycling efforts to reduce, along with other scrap metal companies, the carbon footprint by producing new metals from old, when compared to mining new metal reserves. Of all the recycled metals, lead comes out top with 75% of all new lead products originating from recycled materials.Lead is one of the easiest of metals to recognise. Normally of a dull grey colour, tapping the pipe will produce a thud rather than a ringing one would hear from a copper pipe. Lead pipes are never straight, and joints appear to be just a swelling where pipes join. Scrape a piece of lead with a sharp object and a bright silver score mark will result due to the softness of the material.

If you are involved in the construction industry, demolition or refurbishment of old domestic and commercial properties the chances are you regularly come into contact with lead products; usually replacing them. No matter how small, don’t throw that piece of lead in the skip. You can sell used lead, or sell lead containing items, for good money.

Check prices to sell used lead. If you live in the Bristol area and want to sell lead, give the Manor Scrap Company a ring. With over 40 years in the industry, they lead Bristol with the most competitive prices for buying lead in the region. Although the price per kilogram appears low, lead is a very heavy metal, second only to gold, so you don’t need a lot to make up a few kilograms.

It has been rumoured that China is actively seeking to purchase lead from around the world. With this being a strong possibility, the only direction for the value of scrap lead, is up.

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We have fully licensed recycling facilities that meet all environmental legislation.

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Our services also include factory collections as well as a skip service for commercial use and site clearances.