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Scrap metal recycling is the process of reclaiming and reprocessing metals from scrap. It’s an essential part of a circular economy, because it keeps valuable materials out of landfills, helps keep our planet green, and creates jobs for people who can do this kind of work.

Manor Scrap Co Ltd accept a wide range of scrap metals for recycling including aluminium, copper, brass and steel. If you are unsure whether or not we will accept the metal you have please contact us for more information.

Scrap metal can be recycled by smelting it with steel in order to create new steel products. This reduces the need for mining iron ore and other raw materials. Iron and steel are also recovered during this process, which can be reused in making new products. We are committed to handling waste responsibly and recycling as much waste as possible.

We will sort and recycle all scrap metals into categories and cut to size ready for recycling.Waste consumer goods (non hazardous WEEE) such as cookers and electric motors are also accepted for recycling. The WEE directive ensures the proper disposal of these goods without harm to the environment.

We also offer a skip hire service, which means that all of your waste will be sorted for the metal recycling process.

Metal recycling has become common practice today because it reduces pollution caused by mining for new ore and creating new steel products from scratch. Not only will you be disposing of your waste in the best way possible for the environment you can also get paid for it!

We have two depots in Bristol both of which have recycling facilities:
-59-61 Feeder Road, St Phillips, Bristol
-23-26 Jubilee Street, St Phillips, Bristol

Additional scrap metals we accept:

Stainless steel and iron







Production waste including cuttings and filings

Factory clearances


Waste Consumer goods (non hazardous WEEE)

Car and other vehicle batteries

We have fully licensed recycling facilities that meet all environmental legislation.

Call us today for more information.

Our services also include factory collections as well as a skip service for commercial use and site clearances.


  • Can all metals be recycled?

All ferrous metals as well as metals like copper, zinc, and aluminium can be recycled however, not all metals can be recycled. Examples include radioactive metals such as uranium, plutonium and mercury. 

  • What is the most profitable metal to recycle?

One of the most profitable metals to recycle is lead but it is one of the most difficult to obtain in its pure form due to its toxic nature.


  • What metal materials can be recycled?

There are many metals that can be recycled. Some examples are aluminium, steel, copper, brass, bronze, silver, and gold. 

  • What are the benefits of recycling metals? 

Benefits are:

  • As metal cannot biodegrade quickly therefore, it is important to avoid metal ending up in landfill which can be done through recycling metals.
  • When creating new virgin metals, a lot of energy is used .Another benefit of recycling metal is that it reduces the amount of energy used when creating new metals. 
  • Metals can be recycled over again therefore it is very unlikely to end up in landfill.