If you have a collection of cables and wires around the home or work in the electrical contracting business, don’t let these valuable materials go to waste. Manor Scrap in Bristol accepts a variety of different scrap wires and metals and pays in a variety of methods for your sorted metals.

Sorting and Scrapping WireMany householders routinely collect or save cables and wires when products, such as TVs, kitchen accessories and computers, are sent to household tips or recycling outlets. Instead of junking valuable cables and wires, taking time to sort the different types of metal and wire gives you an income source.

Electrical contractors and fitters could profit in a real way if waste cables, wire, conduit and copper piping created at work sites is processed in this way. When you’re self employed or running your own business, selling these metals to scrap dealers can significantly boost regular cash flow and maximise business profits.

If your scrap dealer provides cutting facilities on site, the sorting of cables and scrap wire can be a pretty simple job. Stripping insulation by hand can be dangerous and result in waste of the copper wiring element, so it’s a job best left to professionals if your scrap dealer has a wire chopping facility.

All you’ll need do is sort high voltage electrical cables, low voltage communications wiring, also sort out any copper or aluminium wiring you have available. Add copper piping and any copper elements of fittings or connectors to your sorted copper, as copper has the highest scrap value. Aluminium, steel, brass, lead and stainless steel should also be sorted, where possible. Ferrous materials are magnetic, so it’s a pretty easy matter to sort ferrous material, such as steel. Non-ferrous materials are more highly valued, these metals include copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminium.

Work with a scrap dealer that has abilities to process your scrap wire themselves, this cuts out the middleman and results in greater profits to yourself. Find a local scrap dealer with a good reputation, operating a clean and hazard-free site, for the best results. Some scrap dealers provide skips so you can recycle direct from sites, helping maximise your working time.

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